Register For Apprenticeship

Apprentice Registration

1. Go to MyATC: MyATC Login - Portal.

2. Log in or register: After registering, you'll be redirected to Services Saskatchewan.  Sign in or create a Services Saskatchewan account.

3. Link MyATC: Once logged in, scroll down to find ‘Link a Service.’  In the left window, locate ‘MyATC’ and use the arrow to move it to the ‘Selected Services’ window on the right.  Click ‘Link Service.’

4. Activate MyATC: Now that it's linked, MyATC becomes an available service.  To use, click ‘Use Service.’

5. Initial Access: Complete the 4 steps to apply.

6. View MyATC: After completing the 4 steps, you'll be taken to the tasks screen.  Click ‘View MyATC.’

7. Apprenticeship Application: On the MyATC menu bar, navigate to ‘My Items’ → ‘Browse Service Catalog.’  Click ‘Apprenticeship Application’ and fill out the required fields.

8. **Important**: To avoid delays in your application, you must list Sheet Metal Workers Local 296 – Regina in the Company/Employer field.